Curriculum Overview

  • C.E.T. helps the students enhance their thinking skills as well as English fluency. The curriculum includes reading, grammar, listening, writing, speaking and vocabulary. The basic concept of the curriculums of junior-high school programs is that C.E.T. encourages the students to reflect their understanding and analyze their weak points while they participate in the lesson. In addition, teachers motivate the students to be self-regulated in process of learning.

Self Analysis & School Exam

Based on cognitive theories, CET constantly provides the learning environment which improves 21st century thinking skills as well as English fluency. Teachers develop the interactive learning environment which improves systematic thinking skills, analytic thinking skills, inference skills, and creative approaches in the process of learning.
Students actively participate in the class by presenting what they learn or asking questions what they don’t know clearly. Teachers continuously encourage the students to explore the process of learning, inquiring various kinds of thinking questions. Students are challenged by the questions and try to think first before they answer.
Teachers actively cooperate with the students when they prepare the mid-term/ final exams at their school. Students are involved in learning environment, where students understand the key points of the test materials and are challenged to solve various questions, analyzing the intention of the questions and their own mistakes.

Technology Uses

  • Class Cam

  • Smart Pen

  • Online Support

  • Self Reflection

Teachers use “Class Cam” to provide the efficient learning environment, which helps the students follow the flow of the lesson. In addition, students use “Smart Pen” to take notes during the class, which is helpful to review the key points even after the class. If necessary, the students can use “Online Support” from CET, which provides efficient technology tools to improve English skills.

College Entrance Prep

The high school students who prepare to enter the university can take this course. Students fully understand the structures of the sentences and apply the grammatical knowledge into the reading comprehension. Students are exposed in learning environment to reflect what they learn by presenting in the class and to analyze what they don’t fully understand by filling out self-analysis form.

Lesson Focus

Understanding Grammar
Reading/ Listening Comprehension
Building Up Vocabulary
Test Analysis

Classes for Middle School Students


9G-10G Students Intermediate Level


9G–10G Students Pre-Advanced Level


11G–12G Students Advanced Level


7G–12G Students Master Level

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